Sharif Ahmed

Sharif Ahmed

Ph.D. in Computing (Computer Science)


Sharif Ahmed is a Graduate Assistant (Teaching & Research) in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering and pursuing his Ph.D. in Computing (CS) advised by Dr. Nasir Eisty at Boise State University, Idaho, USA.
Former Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Metropolitan University; Former Advisor, Metropolitan University Social Service Club; Former Guest faculty & Examiner at Sylhet Engineering College, SUST.

Additionally, he enjoys developing software. He has an enjoyable experience of working in the software development industry prior to joining academia which was started with professional projects in his sophomore year. His current research interests include Modern Code Review, Software Quality, and Software Engineering leveraging Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.


Oak Ridge National Lab

Research Intern, Advanced Computing Systems (May 2024-▢️)

1 Bethel Valley Road, Oak Ridge
Tennessee, 37830
United States



Software Engineer (2014-2016)

Led and built native iOS applications from whiteboard to production. Developed MVP and production level POS, CRM, IVR software (e.g., call center, drip campaign, IVR SaaS)


TiCON System Ltd.

Mobile Application Developer (Oct - Dec 2013)

Developed Multilingual Mobile Application (Korean & English) for Video Vending Machine in Korea.

Korea (Remote)